Goods Received Note

IntelliStant CRM : Goods Received Note

Intellistant has a built in GRN (Goods Received Note) module to enter and track all incoming materials at the point of receipt. You may receive goods, either as part of your inventory purchase or items that come in on a temporary basis which are returnable to the party who supplied the goods. GRN document can be generated and automatically mailed to supplier.

Goods Received Note

Select Vendor

Intellistant allows you to select a vendors from your database of Vendors who offers you services / products or add a new Vendor into the system. The new vendor will be added to the database and available for the future use.

Products Services offered by a Vender

Need to add Products or Services offered by a Vender? You can add them right here. Here you will add all the items/Services/Products that you received from the vendor. All details including description, quantity, cost, purpose as well as any other notes can be added for each item. Multiple currency option allows you to handle imported goods as well. Detailed Reports about the Duty Paid, Taxes Paid etc is available in the Reports section.

Generate Document

Once you add the details, just one click generates a well formatted GRN document which can be easily customized to your specific requirement.

Generate & Send GRN to Vendor

When a GRN is Generated you can send the GRN to the Vendor via the send mail option which will attach the GRN in pdf format and email it to the vendor. All Generated Documents Generated and sent are stored and detailed history for each event is captured in the system.

GRN Reports

Quickly search for any GRN document for a specific vendor or period from the reports module. Complete Details about the GRN including goods / services received is stored in the reports section.