Business Management

IntelliStant CRM: Business Management

Intellistant Helps you manage your business better and more efficiently by helping you manage your day to day activities better and smoother. Intellistant has a vast number of Online Business Management tools which can help you daily - Some of these modules are

Business Management

Task Management

Upcoming tasks either during the pre-sale or post sale cycle where periodic follow up calls are needed can be easily programmed in the task management software. Each employee will get an automatic e-mail alert on their tasks for the day as well as see it in the calendar on their Dashboard. The Sales Manager can monitor all sales activities and take action if any task is pending beyond the due date.

Daily Marketing Activity Report

All activities by the Sales or technical personnel could be reported through this module. With a built in tracking for the expenses incurred by the team, this is a great toll for managers and business owners to monitor both field actions and cost. A copy of the report can also be sent to the customer and feedback can be taken for further improvements.

Field Report

Primarily aimed at support and Service Related activities, this part of the software handles Installations, technical support, maintenance contracts or any customer site support jobs and records these online as and when it is completed. The module includes an option to mail a field activity report to customer as well as their reporting authority. Details of every visit and can be taken from the Module.