Online Invoice and Billing

IntelliStant CRM : Online Invoice and Billing

With Intellistant you can generate an Invoice from anywhere, you don’t have to be in the office to access customer / client information to send them an Invoice. Intellistant Allows to generate an Invoice and bill your customer from any device which supports a browser. (Intellistant is fully compactable with IOS, Android and Windows Platforms)

Online Invoice and Billing

Generate Invoice

When you are ready to send the invoice for your products / services, IntelliStant software allows you to generate a very professional looking and well formatted invoice with just one click, with several options to format the invoice layout and content, you could generate a customized invoice with all terms and conditions and mode of payment details.

Automatic Tax calculation

Intellistant Invoice module calculates the appropriate tax based on the settings in the administrator panel. Single or multiple taxes including surcharge if any can be programmed with ease.

Intellistant is Fully GST Ready.

Detailed Tax report

A summary of all the tax amounts added is readily available for any specific date range for you to process further.

Multi-Currency invoicing

Intellistant allows its users to use buy and sell products or services in multiple currencies. If you are an exporter and would like to invoice your customer in their local currency, just choose the currency option before generating the Quotation, Invoice or Purchase order. Currencies can be updated on real time.

Include Miscellaneous items

You may want to add information specific to that invoice, customer or shipment details. A set of programmable fields allows you to enter specific data that will become part of the invoice.

Send Invoices

Once you are done Generating the Invoice simply Select the invoice template and the built in e-mail send option that will configure a template based customized e-mail, attach your invoice in pdf format and instantly send the invoice to your customers.

Payment Tracking

All payments towards each invoice is tracked in the payment module that will record and show details of payment received as well as the balance amount for the Invoices. A Detailed Balance Due report for every Currency and Invoice is available in the Reports section.