LEAD Management

IntelliStant CRM : Lead Management

A customer lead is the starting point for your business, hence collecting and managing the details and initiate appropriate follow up interactions is crucial in a successful translation from lead to a confirmed order. IntelIiStant software has a very comprehensive Lead management module to handle large volume of business leads and allow your Sales team and Managers to achieve accurate follow up leading to increased business.

Lead Management

Adding New Lead :

IntelliStant allows you to add a new lead for either an existing customer or a repeat customer whose data is already stored in the database. Adding a new customer takes just a few seconds and can be done while you are talking to the customer and asking for information.

Leads can also be automated to be picked from your website or other lead sources

A set of questions that automatically POP up in the lead module helps even a new employee to quickly gather all relevant information regarding the customer and details required to follow up the prospect.

The questionnaire itself is programmable so that you could request for the right inputs from the prospective customer.

Follow Up :

Each and every interaction with the client can be quickly added to the Lead follow up module to give you a chronological snapshot of who is interacting with the client on what and when. The manager or in-charge is always made aware of the progress and could take quick decisions on any additional effort as required.

Lead Linked Tasks :

Another great feature of IntelliStant is a linked task management module that will automatically show up in the Dashboard calendar all follow up calls or interaction planned as the lead progresses to a confirmed order.

Lead Summary

This module gives you a quick summary of all the leads and breakup based on employees, lead status or a date range.