Quotation System

IntelliStant CRM : Quotation System

The Quotation module in IntelliStant allows you to generate and deliver a typical quotation within 60 seconds sharp! The built in catalog where you could add and store your products or services and a smart Tax calculation system means your customer could get a professional looking quotation before you complete the call asking for details.

Online Quotation System

Select or Add Customers :

A quick search will show you if the customer details are already in the system. You could load the billing address as well as shipping address from stored details. If it is a new customer just enter the basic details and proceed, the new data will be stored automatically to the master customer database.

Select Currency

The quotation software in IntelliStant supports multicurrency allowing you to quote in different currencies as needed. Just choose the currency from a dropdown menu and you are ready to proceed.

Add Products Or Services

IntelliStant quote software allows you to quickly add products / services from stored catalog as you interact with your customer. Simply start typing the name of the products / services or their item code and the software will show matching options as you type. Alternately you could choose to open a look up catalog and select items by a click. The corresponding price and tax will appear as you select items. For occasional items that you may want to quote once in a while, there is a choice to add other items and select rate / tax as required.

Interactive Catalog

If the products that you sell has multiple sub options, you could easily set up an interactive catalog within the quote module. This will be a great tool for the marketing team especially when the customer is on the phone and asking for a quote.

Miscellaneous items

Should you have a need to add any other optional lines after all the calculations, you could quickly accommodate as a miscellaneous item. This could be an external service, like freight charges or a round off amount if needed.

Bulk Tax

If you opt to add the tax on the total amount instead of adding per item, just click this option and add multiple taxes as well as surcharge on tax as needed.

Recurring Quotes & Invoices

Automate your Quotes & Invoices with Intellistant's Recurring Module. The recurring module allows you to quickly generate quotations & Invoices on a periodic basis where you have a need to invoice a customer periodically.

Copy / Duplicate Quotes, Invoices

Want to copy a Quotation, Invoice or Purchase order for another Customer or Vendor? No Big Deal, by using the Duplicate function an existing quotation, Invoice or Purchase Order can be copied to create a new one either for the same customer or for a new customer.

Generate and send the quote

When you are ready Simply Click on the Send Button! Choose from Several preformatted Templates and Email Formats to choose from. Managers and Admins can Monitor & Control the Entire process.